Be Our Guest Restaurant: Dining Review

View of Beast's Castle at Sun Set

Be Our Guest is one of the hardest dining reservations to get at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Located in Fantasyland, you cross a bridge and enter into Beasts Castle. Dining in the castles West Wing or the Ballroom is like stepping into the Beauty and the Beast movie. I turn into a six year old every time I enter the castle. Beauty and the Beast \was my favorite Disney movie as a kid and all the feelings come rushing back every time we eat here. As I love to say, the magic is real!! Time to dive into our Be Our Guest Dining Review.

How Do You Get A Reservation For Be Our Guest?

Be Our Guest is open from breakfast to dinner. All of these reservations times are difficult to get. On your Walt Disney World, My Disney Experience Account, you can begin making dining reservations 180 days before your check in date. Yes, this is six months in advance. Yes, I do recommend doing all of your dining reservations at the six month mark.

When Staying At the Walt Disney World Resort

At your 180 day reservation mark you want to make sure to be up and sitting at your computer desk at 5: 45 AM EST in order to make this dining reservation.  At the 180 day mark you can reserve 10 days past your check in date. So if you are checking in January 1st you can make reservations until January 10th. If you don’t get it for the original day and time that you wanted, play around with the time slots and dates and you may still be able to find something that will work for you during your vacation.

Staying at a Non- Disney Hotel

If you aren’t staying at a Walt Disney World Resort you still get to make reservations six month in advance but it’s on a day to day basis. For example on a four day vacation you would need to log in four days to make your dining reservations. On June 1st you would need to log in at 5:45 AM EST to make a dining reservation for December 1st. The following day you would log in to make reservations for December 2nd and so forth. Continue reading “Be Our Guest Restaurant: Dining Review”

Mandatory Daily Security Checks For Disney Resort Guest Rooms.

Replacement for the DND signs
New Door Tag pictures Courtesy of rock_doctor via disboards

Update 2/9/2018

This past January we spent a week at The Villas at the Grand Floridian. Security checks were preformed daily and at the same time a newly instated trash removal service was preformed. We had no problems with the security checks.  We were leaving the room around 8:30 am daily and returning between 11 and 1 for our daughter to take a nap.

At no point during our stay were we bothered by hotel staff while we occupied the room.  As we have come to understand many guests are having similar experiences.

Unfortunately, there are still occasional complaints about when the security checks are taking place. These reports are becoming scarce as time progresses.


Update 12/25

Hey guys!!! I would like to let everyone know that this isnt fake news. As noted on the comment below this isnt happening at every resort yet. It rolled out at the Monorail resorts. Grand Floridian, Contemporary and Polynesian.  It WILL however, be making its way to the rest of the hotels over the next few weeks. 

Apparently Disney has decided that mandatory rooms checks are going to be taking place at Walt Disney World Resorts. At Disney, Do not Disturb, signs have been replace by Room Occupied signs. Disney themselves, have not released any information about what exactly this entails. So far guests have been complaining that Disney security is entering rooms without permission and not leaving when asked too. According to TheDis forums, this includes a mother who was giving a bath to her two young daughters.

Something doesn’t feel right about Disney allowing cast members to enter into hotel rooms at will. What does this mean for guests who are trying to take after noon naps? Are there going to be time slots that they aren’t allowed to enter guest rooms at will?

I dont want to get too up in arms about this yet as we really dont know how it’s going to play out long term. I’m hoping Disney revokes it all together because it seems to me like a logistic nightmare with potentially a lot of angry parents. Continue reading to see the forum post that’s circulating on TheDis.


WESH 2 Orlando


The Dis Boards Response to new do not disturb mandate :

Disboards 1

Disboards 2

Disboards 3 (DVC)

5 Items to make things easier with a Toddler at Disney

Kaitlyn with all her gear

There are certain items I have to have with me when my  toddler and I are  at Disney. For the most part she’s really laid back, but she is a kid and sometimes being stuck in the stroller is the last thing she wants or needs. There are five basic things I keep with me at all times to help my toddler at Disney.


  1. Ergo baby 360 carrier. It might seem a little ridiculous to spend a lot of money on a carrier but my daughter hated being in her stroller when she was really young. She wanted to stare at everything and everyone. We bought this when she was a month old and we are still using it at ten months. I really recommend it because it has back support. I had a c section and if it didn’t have the support I’m not sure I would be able to carry her as much as I do. Also, as your kids get older it’s adjustable. It has four different settings. Inward forward facing, outward forward facing, back carry and side carry. The last two are really starting to come in handy now that she’s walking.
  2. Small Toys.  I Carry one or two small toys with me. I always make sure that they have a loop or a tag on them. Using  nuby keys or a stuffed animal or some sort are good options.
  3. Toy links. I attach the small toys to these and then attach it to the stroller or the ergo baby carrier to keep my daughter from dropping the toys on to the ground. The last thing I want while we are out for the day is for her to drop her toys in the dirt while we are at Disneyland Resort/ Walt Disney World Resort and have no way to entertain herself. I also don’t want to have to keep on buying her toys to keep her happy.
  4. Age appropriate snacks. Make sure to carry some snacks that are carb heavy and some that are protein heavy. Carbohydrates are good for an instant pick me up, while protein is good for sustained energy. For the carbs I like bananas, cereal snacks, or a kids cliff bar. For protein, hard boiled eggs, lunch meat, or greek yogurt. Make sure to stock up on these before going to the park. At Disneyland/ Walt Disney World you wont be able to find these without paying way more than you should. Stop by a Target or Grocery store before heading to the parks. I also hate the kids dining options at the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. There are only so many times your kids can eat chicken strips or mac and cheese. My daughter usually shares a plate with me and we forgo the kids menu.
  5. Kids have very sensitive skin and they probably aren’t used to spending the majority of the day outside. I really don’t want her getting a sunburn so we apply sunblock several times throughout the day. Originally with my daughter we were using the baby organics mineral sun block. It worked okay and I would recommend it if your child has sensitive skin. Otherwise I would really suggest using Sun Bum. We’ve been using this on my daughter since she was four months old. I typically stick to using the spray because it’s lighter. It’s hypoallergenic.


Interested in other items we recommend? Check out our Store. 

Walt Disney World Resort, What do I need to know about the hotels?

The Grand Floridian a Walt Disney World Resort

What should you know about staying at Walt Disney World Resort the first time you go? It’s probably unlike any vacation you’ve ever booked before. It has the potential to be one of the most amazing vacations you’ve ever been on. However without being armed with the proper information it can quickly become a stressful situation. Hopefully, this general overview of the Walt Disney World Hotels will help make one of many decisions easier.


Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

There are three types of hotels at the Walt Disney World Resort.

  1. Value Resorts
  2. Moderate Resorts
  3. Deluxe Resorts

In this article we will give brief explanations about the Resorts and talk a little about how they differ.

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Tips For A Road Trip With A Baby

Road Tripping With A Baby

Let me just be completely honest here for a second. I don’t think anyone looks forward to a road trip with their baby. What if they get sick? What if they yell the whole time? How many more times are you going to have to stop?????!!!!!!! Hopefully this article will make the whole thing go a little bit more smoothly for you.

The first road trip I took with Kaitlyn she was three months old. We hadn’t gone on anything that even resembled a weekend getaway since I was 17 weeks pregnant. We were itching to go somewhere and the Grand Californian happened to be running a 15% off sale. My husband didn’t even tell me he was booking it. He just casually walked into the living room and told me we were going to Disneyland in a few weeks. Who was I to argue?

Then I went into Mommy panic mode, I had no idea what to bring on a road trip with a three month old. Kaitlyn also hated her car seat with a deep seeded passion. Here’s what I learned:

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Why The Disneyland Hotel Is Our Preferred Disneyland Resort Hotel

The Disneyland Hotel is our preferred Disneyland Resort Hotel. Around the hotel the grounds are beautifully filled with palm trees and hibiscus. The Fantasy, Adventure, and Frontier towers flank the two pool areas.  Three restaurants are available from casual to fine dining, along with a coffee house, and a bar.

General Information About the Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Hotel check in is located in Fantasy Tower. Upon entering the hotel you are met by a greeter who pairs you with the front desk. Also, while you are checking in now is the time to make any special request for your room. Such as, I would like to be on a high floor or, can I please be away from the service elevator.  Personally, I always ask for a higher floor, in a quiet area.

You really don’t want to be near the service areas. For instance, the service elevator is very loud and can cause window vibration.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many king beds to be had. Calling in advance to request it is recommended, however, the Disneyland Hotel cannot guarantee that you’ll get the room layout you want.

Frontier Tower is by far our favorite. It’s the furthest tower which means less random traffic going through its lobby. Hotel rooms here are they largest, which is a huge plus.  Sometimes you can get lucky and get a standard view room that you can see the fireworks from.

This is a “Standard View” in Frontier Tower

The three restaurants on site are

  • Goofy’s Kitchen- a character buffet where you can meet the fab five.
  • Steakhouse 55- a fine dining steak house. The mac and cheese is supposed to be amazing. They also offer breakfast.
  • Tangeroa Terrace- a quick service location. They have changed the menu recently and I love it!! The chicken rice bowl is delicious. Adolfo got the Hawaiian flatbread and then polished off the rest of my rice bowl it was so good.

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5 Break Spots At Disneyland For Babies Or Toddlers

Eventually it’s going to happen. You’ve spent all morning rushing around trying to take advantage of the low crowds and get on as many rides as possible, and your kid/s has reached the end of their rope. They don’t want to be held anymore or worn in their carries. Don’t you dare try to offer them their bottle or any other form of nourishment because they are just going to chuck it as far away from themselves as they possibly can.  And If you even think about giving them a cuddle to make them feel better they are going to pop you, in the face, with their little kid fists. It’s time to let them have a break, away from the crowds, so they can decompress. Here are the places I like to take Kaitlyn so she can get a break.

5 Break Spots At Disneyland for Babies or Toddlers


  • Frontierland Trail. This a great place to park it on a bench and let your kids babble at the Disneyland ducks, or let them practice walking. So long as they can stay out of the main walkway.
  • The Mark Twain/ Sailing Ship Columbia. Usually there isn’t much of a line and it’s a slow moving ride. I like to let Kaitlyn practice walking while we are going around the rivers of America or showing her the waterfalls.

Mark Twain Break time


  • Pizza Port. In the back area of Pizza Port there are a set of sliding doors that will take you into a patio area near the Space Mountain exit. It’s usually deserted and there’s plenty of room for the kids to run around and even get a little loud (it’s a pretty noisy area because of the ride exit and some restrooms being close by, I wouldn’t recommend coming here for you kids to take a nap.)

Main Street USA

  • Disneyland Rail Road. The train might be enough of a distraction to help your kid relax. Hopefully the swaying of the train will get them to take a nap too and they will wake up nice and refreshed.
  • Jolly Holiday Bakery- This is where we love to take our mid-morning break. I can get a latte and a chocolate muffin for Kaitlyn. I wouldn’t recommend coming here later in the day it’s really popular for lunch and dinner.


Normally, Hungry Bear would have a spot on this list. Downstairs it has shade and restrooms. Upstairs you have a view of the train as it passes by. With Star Wars opening up soon I think  that this area is going to become very crowded. With that, it’s still a spot I like to relax.

About the Baby Center At Disneyland Park

At Disneyland park the Babycenter cannot be used for your child to rest. It is available for diaper changes, bottle washing, nursing, and high chair feedings.

Recommended Disneyland Resort Good Neighbor Hotels

Here’s a list of the Disneyland Resort Good Neighbor Hotels we have stayed at. A Disneyland good neighbor hotel is allowed to sell you park tickets and are recommend by Disneyland resort.  They also qualify for Disney Travel Agency packages.  All of these good neighbor hotels are located on S. Harbor Blvd. Happy Travels!

Howard Johnson
This was the Disneyland Resort Good Neighbor Hotel of choice for my family while I was growing up. It’s right across the street from Disneyland Resort. So close you can see the monorail track.

I loved this hotel as a kid, the smell, the gift shop, the pool. I stayed here every time we went to Disneyland Resort until I was well into my twenties. The only reason this stopped being my go to hotel is because over the years it has become increasingly difficult to get a reservation. Guess they must be doing something right, huh?

My favorite part about this hotel is if you go to the main pool during the fireworks you have a great view and can relax in the hot tub as your kids enjoy the splash pad. Who wouldn’t want to watch the Remember…dreams come true fireworks from a hot tub?

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Ariel’s Grotto At Disney’s California Adventure Review

Ariel Photo op

Ariel’s Grotto is a character dining location at Disney’s California Adventure.  You can meet Ariel and many of the other Princesses.

At Disneyland Resort there aren’t too many options for Character Dining. Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel, Storyteller Café at The Grand Californian and Ariel’s Grotto at Disney’s California Adventure.

Ariel’s Grotto is great because it’s located inside Disney California Adventure in the Paradise Pier land.  You can plan your day accordingly to make it fit, and if you don’t feel like being at Disney’s California Adventure that day with a park hopper pass it’s really easy for you to go back and forth. It’s also a Princess centric meal so you get to meet Ariel, Tiana, Snow White, Belle, and Rapunzel.

Ariels Grotto: How it works.

After you check in at Ariel’s Grotto they call your name and you join a que that goes down stairs to meet Ariel. If you can’t make it down stairs, no worries, there is an elevator available.

After the Ariel meet and greet you are taken to your table and drink orders are placed. You get a few minutes to look over the menu, hear the special, or talk about any dietary needs you may have. Then the Princesses start making their rotations.

It all moves pretty quickly. One princess every ten minutes or so. This is a 90 minute time slot, including the time you spent in line waiting to meet Ariel which is about 10 minutes. Half way through your meal a photopass photographer will show you the pictures that your family took with Ariel. We really didn’t feel pressured into buying any.

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Pregnancy Safe Rides at Disneyland Resort


Recently a very good friend of mine told me she was pregnant. After lots of gushing, and me saying how awesome motherhood is she told me she was going to Disneyland on vacation. I gushed about how much I loved my babymoon because of all the Pregnancy Safe Rides at Disneyland Resort.

When my friend casually said that she couldn’t wait to go on Indiana Jones, I couldn’t help but pause…..quickly followed by a “No, nope, definitely not”.  I asked her if she knew that at Disneyland they post warning signs telling you that certain rides are off limit while pregnant.

In the spirit of helpfulness, for her and everyone else, I thought I’d provide a list of pregnancy safe rides right here.

Please keep in mind that even though these rides are considered pregnancy safe exercise caution when going on them. I went on Roger Rabbits Cartoon spin because it’s an all age’s ride. Afterwards I wish I hadn’t because of how bumpy the ride system is. You know your body best right now so do what you feel is right for you.

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