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Hello, I grew up in a family that has always been Disney centric. My father would take us to Disneyland once a year for vacation and it’s ended up being a very dominant part of my life. Even after I started college, got my first job, got married, and started having children the main story has never changed. When can I get to Disney again? How do I get my daughter to love it as much as I do? How do I keep the magic alive even when we can’t be at the parks? Hopefully this forum will become a platform for all of us to keep the magic going until we can go on next vacations.
My husband, the unwilling, and unlikely accomplice. He did not grow up going to Disney and, initially, did not see the magic. I dragged him to Disneyland several times, and he would likewise, drag me to other places, that weren’t Disney (From time to time it is good to go see the rest of the world. I just need to always return to my “home away from home”). The more we went, the more he would enjoy it and taking our daughter is probably the biggest reason that he has grown to like Disney as much as he has. Nothing beats watching your kids having fun at the parks.

Baby Kaitlyn
At just under a year old she’s pretty much along for the ride. We focus our vacations now around what we think she would have the most fun doing. Lucky for us she is a pretty laid back, and mostly happy, baby. And if she happens to not be a, not so happy in the moment baby, I can just play How Far I’ll Go a million times in a row. She usually bounces right back to her usually joyful self after the 10th time.

Kayla and Klaus
Our German shepherd/ Rottie Mix and German shepherd. Both dogs have been immortalized by the very talented artists in the France Pavilion at Epcot. They also have an affinity for Disney themed bandanas and mickey ear squeak toys.