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View From Tony's Town Square

Tony’s town square is located on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom. Themed after Tony’s restaurant from Lady and the Tramp this restaurant is adorable, easy to find, and affordable (for theme park food). The real question though, is it any good? Tony’s has a reputation for having bad food. We hadn’t eaten here in years so we thought it was time to give it another shot. We also didn’t want quick service and they had last-minute reservations available.

The Food at Tony’s Town Square

Tony’s Town Square is an Italian Restaurant.  You will find American Italian classics like spaghetti and meatballs, chicken parmesan, ravioli and alfredo.  The menu here hasn’t changed in a really long time, which can either show that the restaurant is going strong or in a giant rut.

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What We Ordered

To start here you get fresh warm focaccia bread with olive oil and seasonings. The focaccia came out warm and was delicious. We wish that they brought out some balsalmic vinegar to go with the bread. Then it would have been perfect. 

Our first entree was the Chicken Parmesan.  Unfortunately, it’s the same marinara used in the kid’s spaghetti. Don’t get me wrong, its not horrible but it makes the pasta dishes just okay, when they could be amazing. Good marinara makes or breaks a dish. The chicken was a very large portion and it was seasoned well and cooked beautifully.  We can honestly say that we will skip this item in the future and try something else.

The fish of the day was phenomenal. A grilled salmon with cheese polenta and giardiniera. Nope I can’t pronounce giardiniera either but it is delicious. It’s a spicy relish (or salad) made with carrots, celery, peppers, cauliflower and vinegar. It was sooooo good. The polenta was seasoned so well and was perfectly creamy with just the right amount of parmesan. It didn’t overpower the fish, which was the star of the meal. The salmon itself was amazing. It had a wonderful smoky flavor from being grilled and was cooked perfectly. Honestly this was the best plate at the table. If they added this to the daily menu, I would be eating here a lot more often.

Children’s Menu

Kid’s Spaghetti and Meatball, which came with two sides. Here’s the thing with kid food, you might think it’s gross but your kid may love it. I tried the spaghetti; I thought the red sauce was very bland and tasted like canned marinara. The noodles were way over cooked and mushy. I didn’t care for the pasta at all. The meatball however was pretty decent. It had garlic and Parmesan. Hard to go wrong there. It was also the giant meatballs like in the Lady and the Tramp movie. Personally, I prefer smaller meatballs but the flavor was good, so I was still happy. For sides Kaitlyn got broccoli and grapes. Despite what I thought of her meal, Kaitlyn loved it and ate a ton.   

The Service

Our server was super nice but there were several issues with our lunch. It took 15 minutes to get drinks, the bread took about 20 to 30 minutes, after we got the drinks.  I actually don’t blame her for this at all. They seemed to be short staffed and she was in charge of a lot of tables.

The food was very slow coming out too and there were mistakes with our orders. Kaitlyn initially got the wrong sides and my fish wasn’t cooked all the way through. Adolfo and Kaitlyn had to wait for another plate to be made for me. I felt bad because it took a super long time and they were finished way before I was.

It wasn’t a huge deal but time is money when you are on vacation. Unfortunately, we had to move around some fast passes because of how long lunch took.

Would we eat at Tony’s Town Square Again?

Honestly, I have other places I would opt to go to first at Magic Kingdom. That being said if this was open and I was looking for a last-minute dining reservation I wouldn’t hesitate to eat here again. It was decent enough and sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for quick service. We really wish they would do a re-haul of Tony’s Town Square and create a whole new menu. If they ditched the marinara and made some more unique menu items, I think this place could be a huge hit!

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