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Ohana Entrance

Ohana is character dining at it’s best! Located at the Polynesian Resort, it’s at a prime location and easy to travel to. Characters such as Stitch, and a few others, stop by all while you’re munching on some super delicious breakfast items!

Meeting Characters at Ohana

We actually met Pluto on our way out this time.

Pluto is the first character experience you will have. His meet and greet is in the waiting area. This is a great opportunity for a family photo! A photopass photographer is there to capture the interaction with Pluto. We had great interaction, he gave Kaitlyn lots of hugs and they danced together.  

Mickey was the first character to stop by our table. He was all decked out in surf gear! Again this was a great interaction, if a bit brief, lots of hugs all around.

Stitch was the highlight of this meal! He was hilariously goofy and everything you want Stitch to be. He gave Kaitlyn a giant lick hello, which she found hilarious. It was basically a giggle/hug fest. I can’t say enough good things about this interaction. 

Lilo was the last character that we met. Lilo is honestly a little scary looking so I understand why younger kids might be a little standoffish. What was great was that she really took the time to make sure that Kaitlyn wasn’t frightened, while still trying to engage her.  

I hope that you noticed that I mentioned hugs, a lot! I really appreciated that the characters were really into personal interactions. Kaitlyn is still at the age where the characters are very real to her and we truly appreciate the effort put forth by the Disney cast members to create beautiful memories that we will always cherish.


Breakfast comes in three separate courses. When you are seated you get a coconut-pineapple bread and shortly thereafter they bring out a fresh plate of mixed fruit.

In the all you care to enjoy platter you get, eggs, sausage, ham with a pineapple compote, fried potatoes and mickey waffles. The servings here are very generous and one platter was more than enough to feed our family of three.   

All of the food was good and prepared well. Nothing really stuck out as amazing but we still enjoyed our meal immensely.

Breakfast With A Food Allergy

 If you’ve been a following us for a while you know that I have a Pineapple allergy.  Yes a lot of the food here has pineapple in it. With Disney being Disney though it wasn’t a big deal. I will say this though, they aren’t on top of it as much as some of the other restaurants are when it comes to allergies.

I couldn’t drink their standard Juice which was an orange, passion fruit, and pineapple. I was so bummed! They used to have an orange, passion fruit, guava juice that I was able to drink. They don’t carry it anymore, unfortunately. They were polite enough to bring me some Orange Juice though which I appreciated.

At breakfast you also get a Coconut Pineapple sweet bread to start with. I obviously didn’t get to try it and they did not have any other pastry options for me. I found this a bit unusual as most places normally have something for people with allergies. Adolfo and Kaitlyn barely touched the bread. He said it was similar to a basic sweet bread but it lacked flavor. 

They did bring me out a separate bowl of fruit and made sure there wasn’t any cross contamination. The fruit was fresh, which can sometimes be an issue.

I couldnt try any of the compote for the Ham but Adolfo said he really enjoyed it and it went great with the ham.

Do We Recommend Ohana For Breakfast?

Absolutely! The Character interaction was great here and the food was solid. Now I’m not going to pretend that the food here was stellar, it wasn’t. It was very typical of an all you care to enjoy breakfast. While we did enjoy the food, if it was only based on that, we would say go to Garden Grill at Epcot. The real draw at Ohana is the location and characters.

 You’re very close to the Magic Kingdom and if you get an early reservations at 7 30 you can still make it to Magic Kingdom for Rope Drop or not too late thereafter. 

This is the only restaurant at Walt Disney World where you can meet Stitch. We are all about utilizing character dining to avoid waiting in lines.

Make sure to book this reservation 180 days in advance. This is a popular location and reservations go quickly.

Ohana is also a popular dinner spot. Check out our review here.

Other dining options at the Polynesian Resort Include :

Kona Cafe – Breakfast or Dinner.

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