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La Cantina De San agnel

La Cantina De San Angel is located in the Mexican Pavilion at Epcot, tucked into the left hand side, you can see it’s popularity with the long lunch and dinner lines. This quick service location is located in a wonderful position to watch Illuminations before it departs from Epcot while munching on some miniature Churros. 

La Cantina De San Angel Tips

La Cantina De San Angel is connected to the exterior of the San Angel Inn. The front can look a little crowded because of the way this section of the Mexico Pavilion is designed. Looks can be deceiving though and there is still ample seating space, despite the lines. Most guest also tend to use the very first cash registers, we recommend walking towards the back of La Cantina so you don’t have to spend as much time standing in line.

I would recommend taking a look at the menu through the MyDisneyExperience App before deciding to eat here. Where you order gets very backed up and it’s hard to see the menu. Deciding what  you want beforehand keeps the line moving quickly and saves you from making a split moment decision on what to order.  

During the lunch crowd you can eat inside of San Angel Inn and get some much needed AC. Keep in mind that workers are getting ready for the dinner crowd that starts at 4 pm. This means that they are constantly opening and closing sections. Adolfo took Kaitlyn inside to rest while I ordered the food and I had a rough time carrying it back to them because they had put up barricades after he was already seated. ( Honest guys, we didn’t decide to sit in a closed off area! There were three other families seated where we were).

The Food At La Cantina De San Angel

 The menu here is fairly simple which we liked. 

Tacos- beef, chicken, or fish.  

All the tacos come with a slaw salad on the taco, black beans, and rice.

Mexican Salad- plain, or with beef/ chicken.  

The salad base is romaine, arugula, corn, cabbage, black beans and a lime juice vinaigrette.

Other items include nachos, grilled chicken, or cheese empanadas.

The Kids menu is pretty standard. Chicken tenders, mac and cheese or cheese empanadas. I will give them credit though the chicken tender are of very high quality and instead of being served with fries the kids get queso dip, corn chips and apple slices.  

View the full menu here.

Our Food

We got an order of nachos, tacos de pescado (fish), frozen margaritas, and a kids chicken tender basket.

The nachos were a very generous serving. tortilla chips, queso sauce, ground beef, tomatoes,jalepenos, beans and sour cream. One thing we did appreciate about this location is that there isn’t a salad bar. We appreciated that the nachos already came with all the fixings and the food didn’t get cold which can sometimes be an issue when you need to top your own nachos. 

The Tacos de Pescado were surprisingly good. The only thing we can complain about is that the pieces of fish were too small. If they doubled the protein portion these tacos would be perfect! The coleslaw paired very well with the fish and helped brighten it. The habanero aioli gave the tacos a nice kick but if you don’t like spice I’d leave it off.  The refried black beans were delicious. The rice wasn’t very good so no one ate it, but really one miss on a plate of deliciousness is nothing to complain about.

Beware the Margaritas here! They are not shy with the tequila. Now don’t get me wrong, they were pricey at eleven dollars each but I will say that we were not ripped off. I only drank half of it and decided I needed to back off or I wouldn’t be able to walk to our Frozen Ever After fastpass.  

The kids meal was solid. The chicken strips were good, all the tortillas chips disappeared, and so did the apples. Kaitlyn didn’t like the queso, more like she wouldn’t even try it. I don’t think she even knew what to do with it. I gave it a try though and it was pretty good.

Would we eat at La Cantina De San Angel again?

You Bet! The big winner here is that you can sit in the air conditioning. The food is really good for it being quick service and we genuinely enjoyed it. My next goal is to get the mini churros from here!

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*Featured Image Credit: Disney

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