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Recently we found ourselves short on a hotel for one night on vacation. We didn’t want to use our DVC points because we like to go during the “value” times of the year. We decided to break our normal routine and stay at a value resort. We’ve known about the specialty themed rooms at Art of Animation for a while and we figured it would be a great surprise for Kaitlyn. Ariel is, after all, one of her favorite princesses. 

How are the Little Mermaid rooms special?

Well to start with the obvious they are themed to the Little Mermaid motion picture. They do this in a few fun ways. The bed you are sleeping on is actually a clam shell with a pearl for the headboard light. Kaitlyn really loved the pearl light.

The chairs and table keep with the clam theme. The table has the words to Under The Sea inscribed on it. A really fun hanging rack in the room is shaped like the octopus from the Under The Sea scene in the movie. Max and Prince Eric are the real focal point of the room, being that their portrait is one of the first things you’ll see walking into the room.

The bathroom has an amazing Ariel shower curtain! I would love to find one of those shower curtains to put in Kaitlyn’s bathroom at home! Now for the highlight of the room, Ariel’s grotto is in the shower!!!!! Disney actually took the time to get the grotto printed on tile and used that for the shower. HOW AMAZING IS THAT! Yes. I totally fangirled there.

How do ADA rooms differ from a standard room?

ADA rooms offer less in the way of furniture so it’s easier for people in wheel chairs (or using walkers) to get around the room. This also means that there will not be a tub in the room but a large walk in shower. The whole bathroom is designed to be a wet area. There are also hand rails in the toilette and shower. 

Is it worth it to pay for the themed rooms at Art of Animation?

For a night or two, yes, these rooms run an average of fifty dollars more than the standard Art Of Animation rooms. If you are on a budget and really have to stretch to make this work I’m going to have to say pass on it. Get your kids a churro instead or use the money on something more important.  

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Special Note

Elyse dropped her wedding band under the bed while we were staying here. There was food, change, water bottles and copious amounts of dust underneath the bed. If you suffer from allergies we 100% recommend calling in advance and letting the resort know that you need an allergy cleaning beforehand. (Honestly, we recommend all people going to stay at Art of Animation do this after seeing this).

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