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Beast's Castle

Be Our Guest Restaurant has recently gotten a major menu rehaul! From a standard a la carte menu it has transformed into a three course, prix fixe menu. In the past we have had a lot of inconsistent dining at Be Our Guest and we were strong supporters of going for lunch. We went back to this iconic restaurant to see if the new menu has breathed life back into dinner.

About Be Our Guest Restaurant

Located at the Magic Kingdom, this is one of the most immersive restaurants on all of Walt Disney World Property. From the very beginning you get to cross a draw bridge, walk over a moat and into the Beasts realm. Belle is Elyse’s favorite Princess and dining here is a favorite because of the theming.  There are three main dining rooms here, The Ballroom from the dance scene in Beauty and the Beast, The west wing and the music room. The music room is the least themed rooms and displays a large music box that Maurice made for Belle. It also showcases happy scenes in Belle’s life through portraits. 

How is Dinner different?

Be Our Guest is normally a quick service location. For both breakfast and lunch you would be able to preorder your meal in the MyDisneyExprience App. You do have the option of ordering you meal when you are there but we really recommend ordering beforehand to avoid long lines. Dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant is a Table Service meal. You do not need to pick you food beforehand and you will have a server helping you throughout your meal. Another huge bonus to dinner is this is the one opportunity to meet Beast at the parks. This is the only meet and great location in the Magic Kingdom, in fact, in all of Walt Disney World.   For those of you using Dining Plans dinner is now a two credit meal while breakfast and lunch are still one.

The Food At Be Our Guest Restaurant

Assorted meats and artisanal cheese board

The Menu has been completely reimagined.

All meals start off with a nice warm basket of sourdough bread. The bread here is very good. The butter is unsalted and they add some nice crunchy salt flakes on top.

For the appetizers there are a few unique items like the Escargot, snails cooked in a butter garlic sauce. Charred Octopus is another interesting appetizer option. We appreciate that they tried to elevate the menu and offer some interesting items that aren’t normally found within the parks.


Main Dishes include a center cut filet mignon. We think this might be the most popular item on the menu! We saw a lot of these coming out of the kitchen. There was also a saffron infused seafood bouillabbaise, with shrimp, lobster, white fish, fennel and baby potatoes. It genuinely seems like much more thought went into this menu and an attempt to bring something more high end to the Magic Kingdom.

Dessert is a set menu with an almond raspberry macaroon, grand marnier dark chocolate truffle and the ever classic grey stuff, which has gone from a frosting to a mousse.

The kids menu here is pretty simple, it follows the same course as the adult options.

For a starter they can choose between a salad, fruit plate with cheese, or applesauce. Honestly the applesauce seemed like an odd starter choice to us. We tend to think of it as a snack or a dessert item.

Mac & Cheese

The main dishes include a shrimp skewer, roasted chicken, beef tenderloin and an elevated version of mac and cheese. 

Main dishes come with a side option of either zucchini, cauliflower rice, or sweet potato wedges.

For desert the kiddos can either choose the same trio the adults get or a seasonal fruit with a yogurt dip.

For a more detailed view of the menu click here.

Our Experience

We knew going in that Be Our Guest has a tendency to be behind in their reservations and that it can take a while to check in. We showed up twenty minutes early and honestly, that’s about how long it took for us to actually check in.

There was a lot of confusion at the check in podium. For starters there isn’t a sign denoting where check in is and a lot of people were walking around confused because they had no idea what they were looking for. The second issue was that there wasn’t a cast member to let guests know where the end of the line was. Because this wasn’t our first rodeo we pretty much knew that the giant line sticking out into the walkway was the wait to check in.

It was a little frustrating to have to start asking people if they were in line or not because of how unorganized this was. A group directly behind us was very miffed and was tweeting the heck out of Disney to complain because they felt the service was poor. I hate to agree but there is definitely a lot to be desired with the check in process at Be Our Guest Restaurant. 

After check in we had to wait in the courtyard for about ten minutes before we were called. This wasn’t bad but there is a definite lack of seating for how popular this location is. There are also a lot of guests in Electric Scooters and with how small this area is we were a little worried about accidents.

We were seated in the main ballroom which Kaitlyn loved!!! If you guys didn’t know the ballroom is enchanted and it’s snowing outside!!! How cool is that. We have some super cute footage of Kaitlyn getting excited about the snow.

Our server was prompt and got the bread and drinks out to us quickly. We always appreciate when that happens, Kaitlyn is easier to handle in restaurants if there is bread and butter available. Though our server was nice, after we got our food he pretty much disappeared we didn’t see him again until dessert and by then we were just ready to meet Beast and leave.

Meeting Beast was the real draw to us coming to Be Our Guest for dinner. As a hard core Beauty in the Beast fan I was looking forward to it a lot. Kaitlyn has this tendency to love movies after she has met the characters and that was really my main reason for going. It totally worked she loves Beauty and the Beast now. Luckily due to the flow of people coming into eat and it being a somewhat leisurely meal it didn’t take long at all to meet Beast. 

What We thought of Our Food
French Onion Soup

For starters Adolfo got the assorted meats and artisanal cheese board. This was by far the biggest let down of the meal. It was very obvious that the board had been sitting out for a long time. When deli meats and cheese get left out for a while they get hard and start to “sweat”. This board was definitely at that point. Adolfo picked at it a little but didn’t finish it. I got the French Onion soup and it was very good! The broth had a nice deep onion flavor and there was a large crouton and tons of Gruyere cheese. I would recommend this soup to anyone who loves French onion.  Kaitlyn got the fruit and cheese plate which was grapes with cheddar cheese. She loved it, it’s one of her favorite snacks at home so she was happy.

Kid’s Fruit and Cheese Plate

For our entrée I got the filet and I hate to say it but I was so disappointed in my steak! It was an uneven cut and I ordered it medium. This meant that half of it was wayyyyy over cooked. As a steak lover this gets a meh vote. If the steak had been cooked properly this would have been a good choice. I would still recommend it but don’t be afraid to say something if it doesn’t come out the way you like. The red wine glaze that came with the steak was also very good. 

Adolfo got the saffron infused seafood bouillibbaise and we cannot recommend this dish at all. As Adolfo put it there wasn’t enough seasoning to make the dish interesting. He said it was pretty much seafood sitting in water and that didn’t appeal to him at all.   

Kaitlyn wanted the mac and cheese and I’ve got to be honest. It’s possibly the worst mac and cheese on property. It was cream sauce, not even Alfredo. It didn’t taste like there was any cheese in it. She normally isn’t too picky of an eater, especially if it’s pasta but she took one bite of this and refused to give it a second chance. Her dad and I both tried it and we really didn’t blame her for not wanting it. I would have asked our server to bring something else but he didn’t come by at all when we had our entrees. 

Be Our Guest dessert

All three of us got the same desserts and all of us had pretty much the same opinion. The grey stuff was good but we all prefer it on the cupcake. The dark chocolate truffle was probably the best thing on the plate. The almond macaroon was downright not good and no one ate it. The combination of the almond with raspberry was just too much for our palates.   

Do we recommend Be Our Guest for Dinner?

No. Due to the increase in dining credits and the quality of the food we cannot recommend it. Two table service credits can get you into California Grill after all. Like all our dining reviews though, there is a catch. This is the only place to meet Beast on Walt Disney World property and this restaurant is beautifully themed. If meeting Beast is on your bucket list we say go ahead and eat here but we recommend sticking to the more basic choices. Unless you like Escargot, we’ve heard a lot of people rave about how good it is. If you just really want the chance to eat inside the castle we think you should eat lunch here. It’s a better value for your dollar and you still get to experience what it’s about.  However, you will not get to meet Beast. He’s only available for dinner.

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