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Copper Creek is the newest portion of Disney Vacation Club at Wilderness Lodge resort. It has a sister property, Boulder Ridge Villas that is housed in a building separate from Wilderness Lodges main lobby. Copper Creek is unique in that it is housed in the Main Building and you check in at the main lobby. For the purpose of this review we will focus on their studio villas, which sleep four. 

What is Disney Vacation Club?

Essentially Disney Vacation Club is a time share. Hold on a minute, don’t let the term time share scare you away. Through Disney (or resale) you can purchase points that will go towards a Disney Vacation Club Resort of your choosing, which will be your home resort. If you do not want to purchase into DVC but want to stay at a DVC resort you can do so by either renting the points privately or through a dealer.  You can also rent the room directly through Disney. We do not recommend the latter as it is often more expensive than renting a standard hotel room. To learn about DVC in-depth check out our three part series on what it is and how it works here. 

Copper Creek Studio Villa

I feel its important to start off with two things about the Copper Creek Studio Villa. They are gorgeous, the furnishings are beautiful and it has a wonderful earthy feeling to the room while still managing to be light and bright. The second and more important aspect of this room is that they are TINY. Until the Riviera opens this will be the second smallest studio room on Walt Disney World property at 345 sq ft.

The Riviera will have a micro studio, aka Tower Studio that will sleep two and comes in at 225 square feet. Besides this room, Bay Lake Tower Studios, are of comparable size but actual living space at Bay Lake Tower is reduced to 170 sq ft because of the rooms layout. 

Studio Villa Layout

Upon entering the Studio you have a small hallway with a linen closet and access to the bathroom. We do like that the Vanity is separate from the toilet and shower. The vanity is also of a size that most personal items do not need to be stored in the cubbies provided below. The cubbies themselves are actually pretty small and are already being used for extra towels, bath tissue, ect..

The shower does have a cut out for soaps and a small step to assist in shaving. I’ve got to be honest though, the soap holder is tiny. I couldn’t fit my shampoo, conditioner and razor in it. This doesn’t even include other items we brought with us for Kaitlyn’s and Adolfo’s toiletries. One bonus is that the shower does have a hanging line for swim suits! 

One thing that Copper Creek Studio Villa does get right is the Kitchenette. While still small compared to other studios it does have a pull out shelving unit to store lots of sundries. This really helps make up for the fact that the counter space isn’t there. The toaster and ice bucket are hidden away in an upper cabinet, but if you want to use them it’s not hard to pull it down and put it away when done. In the kitchenette you also have a minifridge, coffee pot, plastic utensils, paper plates and cups, wine bottle opener, dish soap, sponges and paper towels. Depending on how long your stay is these items may be replenished. 

The main living space is comprised of a queen bed with ample storage space underneath and two small nightstands. I love the headboard here! Its such a nice rustic piece.

There is also a pull out sofa and a chest. The chest converts into storage or an extra table if you need additional places to sit and eat. The room does have a small table and chair set already, that is perfect for a smaller family as it seats two. Unlike other studios there is no murphy bed here. We believe this was for two reasons. The room is just flat out too small to fit five people comfortably and the extra storage of the dresser is needed. 

Last but not least, each room has a balcony. Wilderness Lodge does not have a balcony that shouldn’t be used. The views are astounding.

About Our Stay In A Copper Creek Studio Villa

We loved staying at the Wilderness Lodge. It is an amazing resort that offers a lot. Additionally it’s great that Copper Creek is located in the main building. Our room was directly off of the lobby and it was sound proof! I can’t even begin to explain how ecstatic I was about this, we’ve had issues at other DVC resorts that were way too loud! 

The rooms here are also aesthetically pleasing to Adolfo and myself. We love the modern ranch look so it made us feel right at home. 

Now I’m not going to pretend that this stay was all rainbows and sunshine. It was 90% of the time but we did have some major issues with our stay. We couldn’t get hot water on the first two days. Wilderness Lodge was at capacity and when that happens they cannot provide enough hot water to the rooms. When we reported the issue a service engineer came up but he was less than enthusiastic and actually said, it’s an old building what do you expect.

We found this lack luster attitude and lack of care to not be the Disney way so we talked to the front desk about it. They were very understanding about us being upset and gave us a generous room credit. The GM sent an apology and box of chocolates from the Ganachery the next day as well. This was above and beyond anything we ever expected and we truly loved and appreciated the gesture. In fact, this is a perfect example of why we are Disney people.

Luckily, on the last day of our stay we did get a report saying that they were updating the hot water system at the hotel. We haven’t been back yet but I foresee no problems in the future with the updated system. 

While we loved this room we doubt we will be staying in a Copper Creek Studio Villa again in the future. It was just a bit too small for our family. When Kaitlyn is a bit older and we don’t have to bring diapers and all the other toddler stuff with us we will probably give it another chance. For now we have our eyes set on staying in a one bedroom villa the next time we get an itch to stay at Copper Creek. Honestly, I don’t think it will be that far into the future.  

Special Note

The One Bedroom Copper Creek Villa, while larger, only sleeps four. It’s configuration is very similar to the studio except that it has a galley Kitchen and slightly larger living area. Should you wish to stay at Copper Creek with a family of five or more you would need to book a Two Bedroom Villa. Two bedrooms of course can be very expensive, if you really want to stay in a Studio room we recommend looking at the Polynesian Studio Villa or the Grand Floridian.

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