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Wilderness Lodge Building

Wilderness Lodge Resort was built in 1998 and is themed after the American West and all things American Rustic/Cowboy and Native American. The fireplace shows the unique pattering of the Grand Canyon and does a very good job at conveying just how majestic the Grand Canyon is. (I know, I’m biased, as I live in Arizona but every time we go we are amazed by how majestic it is). The support columns are styled after Native American totem polls. Though the resort is no longer brand new and it has not been diminished by time. 

Wilderness Lodge Main Fireplace

We know, this sounds a little bit like a love note to the Wilderness Lodge Resort. I think this whole article is going to become one. It’s been four months since our vacation and Adolfo and I are still talking about how much we love it! We really want to purchase Copper Creek DVC points.

For the purpose of making this article an easy read I’m going to break it up into sections. DVC at Wilderness Lodge,Restaurants, Shopping, and Activities. Make sure to check out our walking tour here.

Did you know that Wilderness Lodge is Three Hotels in One?

That’s right folks Wilderness Lodge Resort is comprised of:

Wilderness Lodge Resort (you book through Disney or a travel agent)

Copper Creek Studios and Villas- the newest DVC resort to open at Wilderness Lodge and is housed in the main building. 

Boulder Ridge Studio and Villas- original DVC resort at Wilderness Lodge. This resort has its own separate entrance and lobby. 

Dining At Wilderness Lodge

Roaring Fork at Christmas time

Wilderness Lodge Resort is massive! Luckily there are a plethora of dining options at the Resort so you don’t need to leave to get your grub on.

First and most importantly is Roaring Fork. This is the main quick service location. Roaring Fork is where you refill resort mugs, grab a quick snack and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food here is hearty and really sticks to its American West theme. For a comprehensive review and to get a sneak peak of what the food looks like, head over to our review here.

Geyser Point Bar and Grill is another quick service location. Unlike Roaring Fork you do have the option to have a sit down meal here. Wait times are normally around thirty minutes. Should you not be inclined to wait there is a walk up quick service window or you can sit down at the bar and order from the lounge menu. At Wilderness Lodge resort the pools do not have dedicated bars and Geyser Point Bar and Grill is where you would go to eat poolside.  Check out our Review.

Whispering Canyon Café is the main dine in restaurant. We have found that you typically do not need a reservation to dine here. Making a reservation is still recommended, just in case they have an unusually busy day. This is an “experience” restaurant where servers are in character. They will tease you and treat you like family here. Whatever you do don’t insult Grandma’s cooking! Should you not wish to participate there is a placard on the table saying that you opt out. Honestly, we find it fun and love the interaction that Kaitlyn gets with the cast members. Make sure to ask for some Ketchup. We highly recommend the All-You- Care- To-Enjoy platters to get the best bang for your buck.  Check out the menu here.

Main Dining Room of Whispering Canyon Cafe

Artist Point is the Signature Dining at Wilderness Lodge. Unfortunately it was being remodeled during our stay. This is the only location in Walt Disney World where you can dine with the Snow White characters. For that alone we recommend it. We cannot comment on the food but hopefully will in the near future.  There is also a lounge connect to Artist Point that is open in the late afternoon until midnight. See menu here.


Unlike many of the other Deluxe resorts Wilderness Lodge has very limited shopping.

In the main lobby there is a pin cart that is manned from early morning until the evening.

Wilderness Lodge Mercantile is where you go for all of your wilderness Lodge Merchandise. The store mostly focuses on specialized Wilderness Lodge Clothing, DVC merchandise and home goods. Half of the store is comprised of sundries. You can purchase medicine, snacks and toiletries. Don’t pass this one up guys! They are some really cool Wilderness Lodge shirts that we love.

Wilderness Lodge Mercantile Totem Pole

Recreation At Wilderness Lodge Resort

One of the things we truly appreciated about Wilderness Lodge Resort is just how much there is to do! It’s so easy to take a day off the parks here and just relax.  I cant stress enough how much we think you should just take a walk and soak it all in. There are lots of nooks and crannies to get lost.

For anyone who enjoys working out there is a running path as well as a gym. The gym is located inside of the Boulder Ridge building. You can access it using your magic band.   

There is an arcade located right outside of the main lobby. If you go past the Mercantile and continue outside it will be on the right. This is a fairly large arcade for being at a resort and it’s a great way to spend part of a lazy afternoon.

If you want to do something athletic you can rent bikes down by the Boulder Ridge Pool. If you have a smaller child don’t worry, helmets and baby seats are included in the rental price. On top of renting bikes you can book fishing excursions and rent smaller boats to take out on your own. While we haven’t don’t this yet because Kaitlyn is still young it’s definitely on our bucket list. 

Pools At Wilderness Lodge Resort

Wilderness Lodge resort has two amazing pools!

Our favorite is the Copper Creek Pool because of it’s amazing splash pad! This splash pad has it all! A water slide, jets, ankle deep water for the kids to splash around in! We love it and plan on spending much more time here in the future. The main pool has a sixty foot slide and a large main pool. The pool has ample seating and we’ve never seen it overly packed. 

Boulder Ridge Cove pool has been recently added to this resort and can I just say how amazingly gorgeous it is? This is a quiet pool that has free cabana seating (first come, first serve or course), zero depth entry and two spas.

Geyser Point Bar and Grill has foosball and table tennis. Not only do you get a gorgeous view of Bay Lake you can grab a bite to eat and get some drinks while having some family friendly (or not so friendly) competition. The firepit is also located here and you can do Smores nightly! Pick up your smores kit at the Merchantile.   

Transportation To The Parks

The one draw back to Wilderness Lodge Resort is that it is not on the Monorail Loop! Don’t let that discourage you though. Boats (located past the Cooper Creek Pool) run every fifteen to twenty minutes in the morning to Magic Kingdom. You also have boat access to Contemporary Resort and Fort Wilderness. Epcot, Animal Kingdom Park and Hollywood Studios are accessible through the Disney Parks Bus service. You can also take a Minivan if you want through the lyft app. Prices have recently gone up so you can pay anything from 15 to 25 dollars to get to the parks. This is one way fare.

Overall Impressions Of Wilderness Lodge Resort

Wilderness Lodge Chandelier

Honestly, we truly love this resort. It’s grand, but not overly opulent and it has a pleasantly homey feel to it. The grounds are gorgeous here. There are a ton of bright flowers, trees, and wildlife. We saw multiple deer while staying here. 

We loved waking up in the morning and seeing mist on the lake. We loved the boat ride to the Magic Kingdom in the morning and we loved the bubbling brook that you walk by in the main lobby. We were hard core Polynesian people before we stayed here but now our hearts have been split in two. We desperately want to call this one of our home resorts.

If you can stay here, do it! We feel that this resort is seriously underrated.

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