Yak and Yeti Lunch Review: Animal Kingdom Park

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Yak and Yeti is probably the most popular restaurant at Animal Kingdom. The food is Asian inspired covering everything from Indian cuisine to American Chinese. We’ve put it off forever because of how incredibly crowded it looks every time we are at the park. Yak and yeti quick service is also similarly busy….so here’s the real question…..how much better is the sit down experience at Yak and Yeti

Our Experience At Yak and Yeti

This was our first time dining at Yak and Yeti. Normally we opt for Satuli Canteen while at Animal Kingdom. We knew it was time to branch out and try something new. We love Yak and Yeti quick service so we figured, what the hey, let’s give it a try. 

We showed up to Animal Kingdom later than our typical park day and hungry. We were 30 minutes early for our reservations but we figured we would try to get in early. At check in, which was a nightmare, we were told that we would have to wait closer to our reservation time. Not a problem, we were early after all. Well our reservation time came and went, by another 20 minutes, before we were seated.

Special Note to Locals/ Semi-Locals

I think a big part of the reason for the delay is the Landry’s Select Club. If you are a local, get it! If you don’t have a reservation you can still stop in and get priority seating. I saw a minimum of five people do this with varying group sizes. It definitely slowed down things for the rest of us but seems like an awesome perk if you are a local. It also is a statement to me about the quality of the food here. If so many locals are dropping in for lunch it must mean good things.

The wait was the only bad thing about our time at Yak and Yeti. Our server was beyond amazing. He gave lots of recommendations about food and checked in on us constantly. Our drinks were refilled several times and he wasn’t pushy about us not wanting desert. The Yak and Yeti staff also seem to work really well together as a team, the bussers were on top of it. Clearing tables quickly and efficiently and not leaving items to crowd

The Food at Yak and Yeti

The food at Yak and Yeti was truly outstanding. Our waiter made lots of recommendations of his favorites and that’s what we stuck too. 

yak and yeti pot stickers

The potstickers were generously portioned and the dipping sauce was soooo good. It was ground pork with ginger and cabbage. Accompanied by a soy lime dipping sauce that was lightly sweetened. The potstickers can be steamed of panfried. We opted for panfried per out servers direction, he didn’t steer us wrong.

Garlic Lobster Noodles

Adolfo got the Lobster Garlic Noodles. This was a giant portion!!!! The lobster was not skimped on at all. Adolfo found a whole chunk of lobster claw in his noodles along with shrimp and scallops. The worst thing we have to say about this dish is that the noodles are prepared in advance. Red bell peppers are a part of this dish, and loathed by my better half. He asked for them to be removed but it wasn’t possible since it was precooked. In addition to the peppers are spinach and shiitake mushrooms. This dish is a little on the spicy side so keep that in mind. All in all this is a huge thumbs up from us.

Yak and Yeti noodles

Chicken Tikka Masala

I got the Chicken Tikka Masala. Let me give you a little back story here. I grew up in California near Berkeley, and beyond the University, there is a huge Indian Food scene. This was everything that I have been missing for the last four years since moving to Arizona.  I will be going back for this dish alone. I will never order anything else from here. If you don’t know what Chicken Tikka Masala is it’s chicken breast cooked in yogurt tomato sauce with curry spices. It is typically served with either naan (an indian flat bread) or jasmine rice. In this case, you get both. I was sad that I got full and couldn’t finish this.

We ate so much of our main portions that desert wasn’t even on the radar for us. I know we should have controlled ourselves better to give a more complete review but seriously, this means good things if we finished most of our main course. 

Yak and yeti

Kids Options

Ok, can I just say props to Yak and Yeti really quick. Their kids menu is pretty extensive and that makes this Momma pretty happy. It made Kaitlyn happy to because every trip she goes on a chicken tender strike half way through.  

Yak & Yeti kids meal

Kids have the options of:


Teriyaki Chicken

Fried Rice


Grilled Chicken

Corn Dogs 

Mac and Cheese 

Chicken Tempura

Sides (Pick 2) include:





Carrot Sticks

White Rice


Brown Rice

Kaitlyn got the fried rice with broccoli and grapes. This was easily the most she ate at any meal the whole trip. The fried rice is the same one you will find at the Yak and Yeti quick service but that didn’t bother us any. It’s a family favorite that we get very often.

Would we dine at Yak and Yeti Again?

YES! The food here is so good and the amount of options are amazing. Do yourself a favor and take your waiters advice. Usually they know what’s up and can tell you what the best items on the menu are. While this is not the cheapest meal on Walt Disney World property we feel that the price is fair considering the portion size. Even Kaitlyn got a massive plate of food.

There are a lot of dining options here so check out the menu before you go.  

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  1. Our family of seven visited Disney and Universal about a month ago. Lunch at Yak and Yeti was the best meal we had at any of the parks. The Tikka Masala was so good I found this blog while searching for the recipe. Great food, excellent service, pleasant atmosphere, and the kids loved it too.

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