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Jambo House

Jambo House is the main building to Animal Kingdom Lodge. The lobby is grand, luxurious, and serene with it’s use of dark woods. Though there are large picture windows that look out to the Savannah it’s always dark and homey feeling. While there are lots of comfortable seating to take a midday rest our favorite part of the lobby is the large fire pit tucked in the back. Jambo House has lots of people that gravitate too it and it’s easy to understand why.

OverviewAnimal Kingdom Lodge Jambo lobby

Jambo House is massive.

The big draw to Animal Kingdom Lodge is the Savannah. When you walk towards the back of the lobby you will catch your first glimpse of it. However, you wont grasp how truly spectacular the Savannah is until you go down the steps to exit the lobby. There are Zebra, Flamingos, Giraffes and so much more. The Savannah is a huge draw for our family.


Mara- Quick Service, this is where you will more than likely be eating the majority of your meals. Check out our review here.

Boma- an African Inspired Buffet. We have dining reviews for breakfast and dinner available.

Jiko- This is their signature restaurant. It has an emphasis on African foods, as well as an amazing African Wine List. We haven’t had the opportunity to dine here yet but it is 100% on our bucket list. We just need to find a babysitter!  Take a look at their menu here.


In addition to the dining there Jambo has three bars.  The classic Disney pool bar, Maji Pool Bar. This has a full bar but is pretty much where you are going to find your standard pre mixed drinks. It’s nothing to write home about but it’s good enough while you are kicking back and relaxing at the pool.

Victoria Falls is located one level down from the lobby. On the right hand side of the lobby you will find a set of stairs, if you go down one flight you will find yourself at Victoria Falls. This is a beautifully located bar and is very picturesque. Watch out for the smells wafting up from Boma, you’re going to end up leaving hungry.

Jambo House Victoria Falls

Jiko also has a bar where you can grab a drink and dine from the menu if a reservation wasn’t available.

Jiko Bar at Jambo House Animal kingdom lodge

Recreation at Jambo House

At Jambo House there is so much to do!  Uzima Springs Pool is huge! Unfortunately, it was closed during our trip for a refurbishment. From what we could see of it through the construction walls it looked amazing. There is a Pool bar, Maji, and hot tubs.  They also do Movies under the Stars at the pool in the evenings. What a great way to spend the night.

Hakuna Matata Playground is located by the Flamingos and Savannah. Your kids can get some great views of the Savannah while burning some energy.

Did you know you could makes Smore’s while staying at Jambo House? Nightly, at the hotels campfire, they have marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers available for purchase. Kaitlyn is still a little young for this but we definitely look forward to doing it in the near future.

Pumbaa’s Fun and Games Arcade is also a great place to spend some time after dinner to let the kids burn off some more energy. Personally, I like to challenge Adolfo to a game of Air Hockey every chance I get.

What type of Rooms are available at Jambo House?

Jambo house is unique because it house’s regular hotel rooms and DVC Villas all under one roof. The only other resort to do this is the newly opened Copper Creek DVC Resort at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.  This means that you have standard hotel rooms, kings and doubles, in one wing of the hotel. The rest of the accommodations consist of Studio Villas, One Bed Room Villas, Two Bedroom Villas, and Grand Villas.

If you want to know more about what Disney Vacation Club is and how the rooms differ from a traditional hotel room click here.

At Jambo House they also have a concierge level. This will get you access to the concierge lounge, which offers light dining options throughout the day. At breakfast you will find continental options and from 4 to 6 they will have appetizers and wine available.  The rest of the day snacks, sodas, and coffee are available.

One Bed Room Villa At Jambo
Jambo Savannah View Room
Our One Bedroom had a Savannah View.

The One Bedroom Villa is 710 square feet and sleeps five.

In the Main living area consists of a small kitchen with an island,  table with chairs and bench seating that can comfortably seat four (five is possible if traveling with children). Furniture includes a sleeper sofa (fits 2), sleeper chair (1), coffee table, dresser and TV.

The Kitchen should be stocked with basic cooking utensils and flatware. Plates, Cups, Mugs, Cookie Sheets, pots, and pans are also available. The villa we were staying in was missing quite a few items from the kitchen. Make sure to check the list that can be found inside one of the upper cabinets to make sure that all the allotted items are there.

This villa only has one restroom located across from the Bedroom. A nice touch is that the restroom has a shower separate from the tub. However, it can still make getting ready in the morning a rushed experience if people are going to be taking showers. This is a disadvantage over Kidani Village’s One Bedroom Villa which has two full size bathrooms.

The laundry is located between the restroom and bedroom.

The Bedroom was pretty standard with a king bed, two night stands, a writing desk, dresser and TV.

Overall, we feel that these are perfectly adequate rooms and will be very comfortable for the average family.

Is paying more for a Savannah view worth it?

Yes! However, keep in mind that the animals have the ability to roam the trail they are on. If you are in your room for only one night you might not see much in the way of animal activity.


Overall Impressions of Jambo House

Jambo House is a beautiful hotel with wonderful dining options and lots of entertainment. We highly recommend it to anyone who likes being in a bustling hotel with lots to do. There’s a lot going on late into the night here with drum circles, live musicians, wood carvers and more.

Be aware that this is a super popular resort.  People will be coming in at night to dine at Boma and Jiko, or just to check out the hotel overall.

Jambo House is designed in such a way that live music will travel to the hallways where guest rooms are located. Giant open sections in the floor plan allow for this. While it is pretty loud even in the hallways it doesn’t invade the room when the doors are closed.

This isn’t a place where you can easily go down to quick service to refill your resort mug in your PJs. If you don’t want to brave the crowds at night to go to Mara we recommend getting room service. Adolfo and I both got steaks and I can honestly say it was one of the best meals we have ever had at a Disney Resort.

While we think this hotel is unique and beautiful we doubt that we will ever be staying here in the future. It’s just a little too crowded and busy for our tastes. Does this mean we will never be staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge again? OF course not. In the next article we will be talking about Kidani Village and why it has our vote over Jambo House.

During our stay at Jambo House we unfortunately had one negative experience. The first room that we checked into had a very sweet synthetic aroma. To be honest, it smelled like someone had been vaping in the room.

The bell hop who helped us with our bags also noticed the smell and suggested we call down and ask to switch rooms when I was a little concerned by it. (Severe Asthma, and lung problems, runs in Elyse’s family so we try to avoid being around all smoking products). The front desk quite literally brushed us off, though they did change rooms for us the cast member who helped us said, well someone must have cooked French toast this morning.

It was five o’clock in the afternoon so it was odd to us that room still had such a strong smell lingering.  We’ve stayed in multiple one bedrooms and never had an issue with lingering smells. Now we are a little concerned that rooms are not being serviced properly at Jambo House between guests.

Check our Animal Kingdom Lodge Overview Article here.

Have you guys stayed here before? Which do you like better, Kidani Village or Jambo House, leave a comment below. Thanks for reading and dont for get to subscribe here and on YouTube.







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