Olivia’s at Old Key West Dinner Dining Review

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Olivia's Cafe

Olivia’s is a beloved restaurant at the Old Key West Disney Vacation Club Resort. Its specialty item is its famous fried chicken. Olivia’s is renowned for the hospitality of it’s cast members.

Our Experience

We were able to book our reservation last minute after doing some shopping at Disney Springs. It’s very easy to reach Old Key West via boat from Disney Springs. We drove, and it was just a few minutes away. The restaurant is front and center at Old Key West.   Try parking in the parking lot next to check in. Olivia’s is located on the left hand side when you walk by the bell hop station.

Cast members were super friendly at check in, giving us all a huge welcome home (again this is at a DVC resort. You will be hearing this phrase a lot). Kaitlyn received a ton of Mickey stickers! She loved being the center of attention, while ALL of the servers came over to tell her how cute she was.

 Olivia's Cafe
Main Dining Room

We were seated immediately and asked about food allergies by our server. I (Elyse) do have a Pineapple allergy, which does actually come into play here. The bread rolls contain pineapple juice and the seasonal fish did have a pineapple salsa.  When a pineapple allergy is present they will give you gluten free rolls instead.

Our orders were taken after a thorough explanation of the menu and it didn’t take long at all for the food to come out.

Now as many of you parents out there know, occasionally, our children will decide that they don’t feel like sitting down for dinner. Or behaving for that matter. Kaitlyn was in one of these moods and proceeded to start trying to throw napkins, her tablet, shoes, just about anything she could get her hands on at us. Followed by crying, lots and lots of crying. This is the reality of being on vacation at Disney. Sometimes the kiddos have had enough and we need to make a bee line back to the hotel.

Our server was amazing and understanding! While I took Kaitlyn outside, she got Adolfo the check quickly and packed up Kaitlyn’s food to go. This is one of the things that will always keep us going back to Disney on vacation. They don’t judge families with tired kids. Good cast members roll with the punches and try to help as much as they possibly can to make your stay more enjoyable.

The Food at Olivia’s

The rolls- Adolfo said they were excellent. They are a slightly sweet roll, somewhat like a King’s Hawaiian Roll (Which doesn’t have pineapple juice in it, go figure)

Gluten Free Rolls- YUCK! These rolls were made with almond flower. They had zero flavor and were very hard.  We are guessing that they are made much earlier in the day.

Olivia's gluten free roll
Gluten Free Roll

Fried Chicken- This chicken was pounded thin, seasoned with salt and pepper and had a very thin fried crust on it. This was a very solid piece of chicken and the best plate that we ordered.The mashed potatoes were spot on. Perfectly buttered, peppered, and slightly lumpy. The gravy came in a perfect portion.  Green beans, served on the side, were properly cooked. Just a dash of salt to give some flavor.

Olivia's Southernmost Buttermilk Chicken
Southernmost Buttermilk Chicken

Pork Chop.-Worst meal at the table, unfortunately. The meat was over cooked and tough. The pork didn’t seem to be brined.  My steak knife got stuck in the meat, which was hilarious and sad at the same time.  The hash on the side, which contained, sweet potatoes, onions, apples, cranberries and some nuts was the highlight of the dish. I would have been happy with a large dish of that and nixed the pork chop completely.

Olivia's Cafe Pork Chop
Plantation Key Pork Chop

Kids Meal

Build-Your-Own Taco with Fish of the Day- An expensive let down for Kaitlyn. At 12 dollars (very expensive) it came with two super small pieces of fish, some shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and a whole wheat tortilla. We will probably never order this for her again. She didn’t even touch it.

Olivia's Build-Your-Own Taco with Fish of the Day
Build-Your-Own Taco with Fish of the Day

Flourless Chocolate Cake- This was really good! It had an intense chocolate flavor and we would definitely order it again.


Would we eat here again?

Maybe? Olivia’s is a great location to dine with friends.

If we were staying at Old Key West we would probably have dinner here again for convenience.

I don’t think that we would make the drive (or boat ride) from springs in the future just to eat here again. Chicken Guy is a wonderful option at Disney Springs, or Cookes of Dublin.

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