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Capt. Cook's

Captain Cook’s Dining Review

Captain Cook’s is the quick service location at the Polynesian Resort. It’s located in the Great Ceremonial House and is tucked away in a corner on the left-hand side of the building. Honestly, you wouldn’t even know it was there if you weren’t looking for it. The food is inspired the by the South Pacific, along with having classic Disney Staples. Currently it is open 24 hours. When we were there this past April it was open from 4 am to 10 pm. We cannot say if the change in hours in permanent or seasonal.

Offerings at Captain Cook’s.Drinks and Snacks at Capt. Cooks

Captain Cook’s is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. They offer a small grab and go section as well as a very small baked goods section. Honestly, we found the offerings in this area to be inadequate. We understand it’s because this is a smaller quick service location but compared to other monorail resorts, Contempo Café and Gasparilla Grill, they have the least amount of options.

Breakfast consists of Mickey Waffles, Egg and Bacon Plates, and their ever-popular Tonga Toast. Tonga Toast is two slices of sourdough stuffed with bananas, deep fried, and then rolled in cinnamon sugar. Yes, it is as good as it sounds. Lighter options like oatmeal are also available.

Lunch and Dinner is where the menu gets more creative. They have a pulled pork sandwich, pulled pork nachos, pan fried noodles and coconut curry meatballs. For the less adventurous eater’s classics such as cheeseburgers, sandwiches, and chicken strips are still available.

Our Experience at Captain Cook’sLine at Capt. Cooks

Captain Cook’s is always busy and a very small location for the size of the Polynesian Resort. Most mornings the line was all the way in the hallway. Luckily it was always quick moving. A small issue that we did have is that you don’t have anywhere to stand and look at the menu. Standing directly outside of the line places you in the center of a small area that shares condiments, utensils and soda machines. You pretty much have to pick your food on the fly and hope you like it.

The staff was super nice. Every morning there was a cast member manning the ever-important coffee pots and asking everyone how there morning was and what their plans for the day were. It was nice talking to an upbeat cast member in the morning before a day at the parks.

Seating at Capt. Cooks

I know I already said that Captain Cook’s was a small venue but let me tell you, it kinda sucks that it is such a small location.  First off there is no where to park your stroller, and inside there really isn’t room to leave it at your table. No one would be able to get past it to get to another table. There is no stroller parking in the hallways (even though once we did have to leave ours in the hallway and hope for the best.) The hallways are narrow and strollers congest the flow of traffic. There was also an odd lack of high chairs.

The menu here is somewhat exotic compared to other Disney locations. The food is also by no means bad but there is one thing that seriously drove me nuts the whole time we were staying here. On the menu they have a pulled pork sandwich. The sandwich itself is actually quite good, the bbq sauce was tangy and more on the sweet side. The issue lies in the fact that they use the pulled pork on EVERYTHING!!!! It goes on the pulled pork nachos (honestly it was too sweet on the nachos and needing something acidic to balance it out.) It goes on the fried rice too and really doesn’t go well in that either. I wish they would just sell the fried rice with out the pulled pork. The only thing it goes well on is the sandwich. On everything else it seemed like an afterthought.  Why get the fried rice if we already weren’t huge fans of the pulled pork? Well it doesn’t say that the pulled pork is in the fried rice. It says slow roasted pork, so my husband and I were expecting something along the lines of classic pork fried rice.

The Food at Captain Cook’s

The food here is passable. There are a few items here that we will gladly get over and over again.

For breakfast the breakfast burrito, mickey waffles, and bounty platter (which is basically just eggs, potatoes and meat) were all passable. We found the quality to be a bit lacking compared to Gasparilla Grill but it was still edible and not half bad.  In the future I personally will be sticking with the breakfast burrito.

The kids breakfast French toast was gross. It was basically just an egg wash with no seasoning in it all. Kaitlyn wouldn’t even eat it.

Lunch and Dinner was leaps and bounds better than breakfast but we felt the menu here just isn’t the best for our family. Adolfo and Elyse both aren’t huge fans of anything with Thai influences so that took some options away off the bat.

The Pan Asian noodles were by far the family favorite, especially with shrimp. The only thing is that it was inconsistent. Sometimes the noodles were pretty spicy to the point where I wasn’t comfortable giving them to Kaitlyn. Other times there was no spice at all. I just wished it was more consistent as I have a toddler who normally wants to eat mommy’s food more than hers.

The Cheeseburgers and Chicken Tenders are pretty standard fare and nothing to write home about. It’s great that they are on the menu in case there are less adventurous eaters out there.

I’ve already complained at length about the pulled pork at Captain Cook’s but I’ve got to say again, they ruin so many dishes that had potential. The nachos for example have two things against them. The pulled pork is far too sweet for nachos and the cheese sauce is yucky. Yup, I said Yucky because it’s the most accurate way to describe it. I think a huge part of the reason why I found it so unappealing was the cheese sauce was already getting cold and congealing since it was processed. If they opted for a real grated cheddar this would taste sooooo much better.

Is it worth leaving Magic Kingdom to eat at Captain Cook’s?

NO WAY! The food here is too inconsistent . We ate here a lot during our vacation because it was convenient. While the food isn’t bad there isn’t enough consistency or options to make me go out of my way to dine here. In fact, we started stopping at the Contempo Café on the way back to the Polynesian Resort because we thought the food was better.

OOORRRRRR did you guys know that you can order Ohana room service? Can we talk about a win!! We did this twice and it was so reasonably priced. It’s 40 dollars for a serving that’s big enough for two people (maybe more if you have children). You get all the items that you do at Ohana (yay pot stickers!) and that delectable bread pudding (sans ice cream) and it all comes to your room.  The only word of caution is some items will get cold fast. Like the meats so eat those first.

Polynesian Room Service
You could always order a platter from Ohana if you get tired of Capt. Cook’s!
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