Garden Grill Dining Review: Land Pavilion: Epcot

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Garden Grill Breakfast

Garden Grill is an All-You-Care-To- Enjoy restaurant located in the Land Pavilion at Epcot. We love Garden Grill for a couple of reasons. It’s a character meal where you get to meet Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale. The location is pretty small and not often crowded if you go first thing in the morning (before park open).  You usually get to meet the characters two or three times during your meal. It’s also in one of our favorite locations at Epcot. We love the Land Pavilion, the way it smells, and the rides housed there are some of our favorites.

Our Experience

The day we went to Garden Grill was just one of those mornings. Fellow parents will know what I’m talking about. You get up early, try to rush and get everything done and somehow still manage to be late. By the time we made it to Garden Grill we were just past the 15-minute reservation grace period. Luckily the cast members took pity on us and still let us have breakfast.

Everything was great from the very start. There was a high chair waiting for us. Drink orders were taken and coffee and was promptly brought to the table and then the characters started making their rounds.

Can I just say really quick that farmer Mickey is adorable! This is hands down the best meeting with Mickey I’ve ever had. I always loved meeting Mickey as a child but there is something so special and heartwarming when you see your own child interacting with the characters. I’m super grateful that Kaitlyn isn’t afraid of them.

All of the character interactions were amazing. Each of the characters took the time to really focus on Kaitlyn. Mickey by far was the best. He spent a minimum of five minutes with us and gave Kaitlyn a ton of hugs and kisses. I also really appreciated that he used ASL to say that he loved her and that her outfit was great. I think it’s so wonderful that Disney tries to make sure that everyone can have a special interaction with the characters. Pluto, Chip and Dale were also very engaging.

I want to make sure that parents understand that the characters are not forcing themselves on the kids. They do their best to read the situation and will engage with the child based off of their body language. Garden Grill is now going to become a regular on our rotation. It’s a less stressful environment than the character buffets and you’re able to take a breath and really enjoy the moment.

It was soooo good. The quality was much better than what you would expect. You start off with Coffee or drink of your choice (included in the price of the meal), and then you are brought pull apart cinnamon bread and fresh fruit.

Fruit and Bread from Garden Grill

The cinnamon bread was one of the best things we have ever eaten on Disney property. They could have just given each adult a plate of it and I think everyone would have left happy. We cannot praise it enough. The fresh fruit was also really nice and of a high quality.

The main course is eggs, bacon, sausage, mickey waffles and wagon wheels (tatter tots). They are accompanied with a house tomato salsa and a hazelnut chocolate sauce for the mickey waffles.

Garden Grill Breakfast

The eggs were surprisingly good. We usually hate scrambled eggs at Disney and everyone thought that these were great. The house salsa was amazing on these. Elyse single handedly finished off the salsa.

The bacon, sausage, and tatter tots were average but still good. And who doesn’t love Mickey Waffles? They only thing that was a little off was the chocolate hazelnut sauce. Elyse was super excited for this but it honestly tasted like water. People rave about how good it is so we are pretty sure it was just an off day.

Will We Go Back to Garden Grill?

Yes! It was a great meal and the character interaction was AWESOME! It was also reasonably priced at 35 dollars an adult. We loved it there and we love the land pavilion so for us its really something to look forward too.





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