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Liberty Tree Tavern Mac and Cheese

Liberty Tree Tavern is an All You Care To Enjoy table service at Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom. The restaurant is themed after an 18th century American colonial Inn. This is arguably one of the most popular restaurants at the Magic Kingdom. You get all the comforts of a Thanksgiving dinner without having to do the cooking or the clean up! With the All You Care To Enjoy option the meal consists of a bread service, salad, meats, sides and dessert. During lunch the All You Care To Enjoy option is available or you can opt for the a la carte menu. The a la carte menu offers soups, salads, burgers, fish and chips, among other things.

Our Experience

Liberty Tree Tavern is truly a favorite at Walt Disney World. We checked in a few minutes early for our reservation and it still took about twenty minutes to be seated. Our party consisted of four people with three adults and one toddler. We were seated at a round table, tucked into a corner (which always works best with a toddler), that ended up being really cramped with the amount of food they give you!

Our server was super friendly and chatty. I always appreciate when the servers take a minute to ask how your days are going in the park. Especially at All You Care To Enjoy restaurants or buffets. It helps set the tone that they aren’t going to try to rush you through your meal.

The vibe of the restaurant was really neat. It’s themed after an inn during the American Colonial era. Now like the colonial area, rooms are smallish and they believe in a lot of stairs. To get to our dining room we only had to go up two stairs and swerve left.  Then we were at our table with a view out to the Rivers of America. That was easy enough. The only thing we weren’t so happy with was that since the rooms were small the tables are very close to one another and sound tends to carry pretty far when in a small space.

This restaurant didn’t seem super accessible if you have mobility issues. All three dining rooms have stairs leading into them and then you also have a flight of stairs to get to the restroom that is located on the second floor. The restrooms are also extremely small so be prepared for some maneuvering if you are taking your kids to the restroom.

The only issue we had was towards the end of the meal when my daughter was happy screaming and waving at everyone. Now most people are going to be like ooohhh, look at the cute happy baby but Kaitlyn was being super loud. She had made friends with these five awesome women who were sitting at the table next to us.  Most people in our dining room didn’t seem to mind much and there were quite a few younger kids, though none were being as vocal as mine.  Of course there was one guy who was super annoyed and literally turned around to stare at us with angry face on. Luckily we were on our way out the door but I could have seen that going south really fast if we hadn’t been.

The Food

For the most part we thought the food was really good at Liberty Tree Tavern. I’m going to break down the Patriot Platter and give your our thoughts on the food.

Bread Service- yeast rolls with honey butter. Um…so the rolls were good, but the Honey butter was amazing! We all ate way more rolls than we should have.Bread from Liberty Tree Tavern

The salad- The salad was a typical American blend with tomatoes and a few croutons. The dressing was a shallot vinaigrette. Honestly, I wish Disney would stop giving salads at All You Care to Enjoy meals. The salads always come out wilted. The dressing was good but no one took more than a few bites because the vegetables just didn’t seem fresh enough.Liberty Tree Tavern Salad

The meats- pot roast, turkey, and pork roast. The star of the show here was the pot roast. It was so tender and flavorful.  The turkey was also good and had a lemon pepper seasoning on top. The pork wasn’t bad but compared to the pot roast and turkey fell flat.Liberty Tree Tavern Main Plate

Mac and cheese- Okay so I’ve heard a lot of people rave about the Mac and cheese at Liberty Tree Tavern. It was good. A very decent, cheesy, without being mushy, version of the staple food that so many of us love. However, I thought it tasted A LOT like the one at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café that comes with the Kids meals. We had just gotten my daughter that for lunch that day and I seriously could not have told you which restaurant the Mac and cheese came from if you did a side to side comparison.Liberty Tree Tavern Mac and Cheese

Green Beans- The green beans were really good, they were sautéed in butter and garlic. They had a nice crunch to them and everyone at the table really enjoyed them.Liberty Tree Tavern Green beans

Yukon Mashed Potatoes with gravy- The group was really split on the mashed potatoes. Adolfo and our friend really liked the mashed potatoes. Kaitlyn and I did not. There was nothing wrong with them but they were slightly on the sweet side. I prefer mashed potatoes made from russet potatoes so this really just comes down to personal preference.mashed potato's from Liberty Tree Tavern

Stuffing- The stuffing had really good flavor but was lacking in consistency. Again this is more of a preference thing. The stuffing was super mushy so no one at the table really cared for it.

Special note- the desert has changed since we ate at Liberty Tree Tavern last month. We had a pazookie, which was out of this world good. Since then they have resumed serving the O0oey Gooey Toffee Cake. (Is it bad I want to go back just to try this?)

Would we eat at Liberty Tree Tavern again?

Yes, I think we would. The meal was good and consistent with what we had heard about it. Was it out of this world good? Nope but we still really enjoyed it. We are going to be at Walt Disney World in December and that is when I think we will be going back here to eat. It’s a good place to eat when you really want a holiday style meal.

We hope you liked our Review of Liberty Tree Tavern. Have you eaten here before? Comment below and tell us what you thought of your meal.

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