6 Simple Money Saving Tips For Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World is a magical place. You get to meet Mickey Mouse, go on some insanely good rides, and snack on some really yummy food. You also get to watch your bank account slowly dwindle away because things can get really expensive quickly.  Here are a few money saving tips for Walt Disney World. This way you can spend your money where it’s really important AKA you are here Starbucks mugs and mouse ears.

6 Simple Money Saving Tips For Walt Disney World

Prime Now

Prime now is probably the greatest invention ever for people who hate the grocery store! (I’m one of those people.) We use prime now to order water, sodas, formula, diapers. Pretty much everything we need on vacation that we didn’t bring with us. Unfortunately, you are paying slightly more than you would at the grocery store. Blueberries on average will run you $4 and a six pack of La Croix is $5. This is at least 50 cents more per item than you would normally spend. Amazon also recommends you tip drivers $5 per delivery. The real advantage here is you don’t have to spend an hour, or more, of your precious vacation time going to the store. You also skip Disney’s standard package delivery fee, your items are left with the bell desk, and they will deliver your order whenever you have time. I always give a nice tip as a thank you for them holding my delivery.

Grocery Store

 If you don’t have an amazon prime account a good old fashion trip to the grocery store may be in line. It might not be my cup of tea but I definitely will never fault anyone for trying to save a little money on vacation. Not to mention not everyone has Prime through Amazon.  Again, buying your own water, sodas, and a few snacks will help you make your hard earned money go further at Walt Disney World. I hate buying my daughter yogurt and bananas in particular at Walt Disney World. Spending a dollar or two on a Banana that cost twenty six cents at the grocery store kills me and I really try to avoid it.

Tables In Wonderland

 Tables in Wonderland is a Disney dining program that saves 20% at select dining locations. It’s available for  Walt Disney World Annual Pass Holders, Florida residents, and Disney Vacation Club owners. It’s good for up to 10 people but note that the bill cannot be split. Tables in Wonderland cost $175 for Florida residents and $150 for APs. It also automatically adds 18% gratuity to every meal. On the whole we only recommend this for large parties. I know that the price tag also seems really steep but if you are vacationing with a large group of friends and plan on doing a lot of the dining experiences I highly suggest this.  Especially if your group orders appetizers and adult beverages.

A Little Something Extra

Just get the sandwich. You don’t have to get the whole meal at quick service locations. Personally, I always felt like I was wasting money because I almost never ate the fries and often want water instead of a soda since I’d been walking around so much. Forgoing the soda and fries will save you a lot of money over the course of a few days.

Free water. Most quick service locations will give you free ice water. The last thing Disney wants is someone falling over from heat stroke and dehydration. YAY!! This also helps save space in your back pack for more merch.

Skip the snacks. I love Walt Disney World munchies but they get pricey really fast. We try to keep it down to one snack a day honestly. Walt Disney World popcorn is my weakness and Adolfo always has to get a churro. The other thing to keep in mind with young kids is that most snacks are carb heavy or loaded with sugar. Once in a while I say go for it and we get something delicious, but usually I’m going to go for some fruit or a yogurt. To keep you and your kids going strong I really do recommend keeping the sweet snacks to a dessert after dinner and not their afternoon snack. Something with complex carbohydrates and protein will keep them going and help save us parents from the dreaded midafternoon meltdown.

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