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View of Beast's Castle at Sun Set

Be Our Guest is one of the hardest dining reservations to get at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Located in Fantasyland, you cross a bridge and enter into Beasts Castle. Dining in the castles West Wing or the Ballroom is like stepping into the Beauty and the Beast movie. I turn into a six year old every time I enter the castle. Beauty and the Beast \was my favorite Disney movie as a kid and all the feelings come rushing back every time we eat here. As I love to say, the magic is real!! Time to dive into our Be Our Guest Dining Review.

How Do You Get A Reservation For Be Our Guest?

Be Our Guest is open from breakfast to dinner. All of these reservations times are difficult to get. On your Walt Disney World, My Disney Experience Account, you can begin making dining reservations 180 days before your check in date. Yes, this is six months in advance. Yes, I do recommend doing all of your dining reservations at the six month mark.

When Staying At the Walt Disney World Resort

At your 180 day reservation mark you want to make sure to be up and sitting at your computer desk at 5: 45 AM EST in order to make this dining reservation.  At the 180 day mark you can reserve 10 days past your check in date. So if you are checking in January 1st you can make reservations until January 10th. If you don’t get it for the original day and time that you wanted, play around with the time slots and dates and you may still be able to find something that will work for you during your vacation.

Staying at a Non- Disney Hotel

If you aren’t staying at a Walt Disney World Resort you still get to make reservations six month in advance but it’s on a day to day basis. For example on a four day vacation you would need to log in four days to make your dining reservations. On June 1st you would need to log in at 5:45 AM EST to make a dining reservation for December 1st. The following day you would log in to make reservations for December 2nd and so forth.

Be Our Guest Atmosphere

The Be Our Guest restaurant has some of the most immersive theming in all of Walt Disney World. When you walk across the bridge to enter you are literally being transported to France to eat at the Beasts castle. I half expect to be greeted by Lumiere every time I walk in. Suits of armor flank a grand red carpet. If you are there for breakfast or lunch you are ushered to kiosks to order your food. Breakfast and Lunch are quick service meals and you will be able to pick where in the castle you will be dining. Dinner is transformed into a table service complete with waiter and actual menus.

There are three different rooms for your dining pleasure. The Ballroom, West Wing, and the Rose Gallery. If you have ever seen the Beauty and the Beast movies you already know exactly what the Ballroom and the West Wing look like. If you haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast, do it. It’s an amazing movie.  The Rose Gallery has various pictures on the walls highlighting moments in Belle’s life. It also has a giant sculpture of Belle and Beast that’s really pretty.  The Rose Gallery is probably the quietest of the three rooms.

It’s amazing being able to eat here. It’s just so pretty and immersive. The only thing I will say is that I don’t like how crowded the tables are. Sometimes it can be super loud and feel a little like a cafeteria with the table set up. However, it’s Beauty and Beast and 100/100 times I will say to try to get a reservation here.

View of the tables
It can feel like a cafeteria.

Is the food any good at Be Our Guest?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been to Be Our Guest for breakfast yet. This upcoming April though I do have a reservation booked. YAY! I can’t wait. Check in later for that review.

Lunch, I feel, is the best bang for your buck. The food is good for quick service. The croque monsieur is by far my favorite item on the menu. It’s a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. It’s delicious. It comes with French fries which is nothing to write home about, French fries are pretty much the same across the board at Walt Disney World. The other big hit with my family is the French Dip. We always get the grey stuff for desert. The grey stuff is cookie and cream flavored frosting on a sponge cake and it’s so good.  This is a location where you cant get a refill on your sodas during lunch, so I like to ask for a water also.

At dinner it’s a normal table service like any other sit down restaurant in the parks. It can be a little bit on the slow side because of how many people can be seated at this restaurant. The restaurant will probably be at capacity and the tables are very close together. I had the coq au vin for dinner and my husband had the steak. Okay is the best adjective I can use to describe dinner. The food was passable but it comes at a premium price and based off of that alone we found it lacking. Especially because the coq au vin is arguably the best item on the menu and you can order it off the lunch menu for less money.


Our Opinion on Be Our Guest

Honestly, I think Be Our Guest is a must do. Especially if you grew up watching Beauty and the Beast. I also think it can be a really magical place for young children. You’re eating in the Beasts castle! The food isn’t the best to be found at Walt Disney World but it is good. I would highly recommend going for lunch as it’s reasonably priced.

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