Mandatory Daily Security Checks For Disney Resort Guest Rooms.

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Replacement for the DND signs
New Door Tag pictures Courtesy of rock_doctor via disboards

Update 2/9/2018

This past January we spent a week at The Villas at the Grand Floridian. Security checks were preformed daily and at the same time a newly instated trash removal service was preformed. We had no problems with the security checks.  We were leaving the room around 8:30 am daily and returning between 11 and 1 for our daughter to take a nap.

At no point during our stay were we bothered by hotel staff while we occupied the room.  As we have come to understand many guests are having similar experiences.

Unfortunately, there are still occasional complaints about when the security checks are taking place. These reports are becoming scarce as time progresses.


Update 12/25

Hey guys!!! I would like to let everyone know that this isnt fake news. As noted on the comment below this isnt happening at every resort yet. It rolled out at the Monorail resorts. Grand Floridian, Contemporary and Polynesian.  It WILL however, be making its way to the rest of the hotels over the next few weeks. 

Apparently Disney has decided that mandatory rooms checks are going to be taking place at Walt Disney World Resorts. At Disney, Do not Disturb, signs have been replace by Room Occupied signs. Disney themselves, have not released any information about what exactly this entails. So far guests have been complaining that Disney security is entering rooms without permission and not leaving when asked too. According to TheDis forums, this includes a mother who was giving a bath to her two young daughters.

Something doesn’t feel right about Disney allowing cast members to enter into hotel rooms at will. What does this mean for guests who are trying to take after noon naps? Are there going to be time slots that they aren’t allowed to enter guest rooms at will?

I dont want to get too up in arms about this yet as we really dont know how it’s going to play out long term. I’m hoping Disney revokes it all together because it seems to me like a logistic nightmare with potentially a lot of angry parents. Continue reading to see the forum post that’s circulating on TheDis.


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The Dis Boards Response to new do not disturb mandate :

Disboards 1

Disboards 2

Disboards 3 (DVC)

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6 Replies to “Mandatory Daily Security Checks For Disney Resort Guest Rooms.”

  1. I checked out of the Boardwalk Resort two days ago. No one ever entered our room while we were there — we stayed in the room until after 10:00 most mornings. The “do not disturb” door hanger was still there as always.

    Plus, the rooms all have latches on the doors that can only be unlatched from inside the room, so no one could possibly enter an occupied room without being let in, provided they engaged the latch.

    Pretty much everything about this story strikes me as false.

    1. Hello,

      It’s currently only in place at the monorail hotels but will be rolling out to the rest of the hotels in the next few weeks, it’s also now being reported by the local Orlando news.

      Yes the latch is still in place which would slow down entry and we recommend using it.

  2. Yes, this is absolutely true. I am staying at Saratoga Springs Resort and have been coming here for the past 20 years. For the first time ever, I was in the shower at 2 pm and someone entered my room, without my consent. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but thought they said they were there to get our garbage. Today, a man came to the door and said that he was there for a “health and safety check.” I told him that he was not entering my room and I called the front desk. They claim that they have been checking every single room at every resort for 5 years. I simply do not believe this! I was extremely worked up and found this to be unacceptable., and told them so., especially that since they sent a man to my room and my husband was at the pool.

    1. We have been fortunate and noticed that they are more careful now and days, it’s unfortunate that they still barge in. I recommend using the room occupied sign and constantly having the latch on, but it is a pain if someone stepped out and will be back soon.

  3. This is not false. Just left the Grand Floridian and my husband was furious when a staff member cane to check our room while we were dressing for an event! We felt violated!

  4. Same here, we are at Boardwalk right now and a housekeeping manager literally pounded on the door.. we were both in a state of undress. Furious.

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