5 Items to make things easier with a Toddler at Disney

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Kaitlyn with all her gear

There are certain items I have to have with me when my  toddler and I are  at Disney. For the most part she’s really laid back, but she is a kid and sometimes being stuck in the stroller is the last thing she wants or needs. There are five basic things I keep with me at all times to help my toddler at Disney.

  1. Ergo baby 360 carrier. It might seem a little ridiculous to spend a lot of money on a carrier but my daughter hated being in her stroller when she was really young. She wanted to stare at everything and everyone. We bought this when she was a month old and we are still using it at ten months. I really recommend it because it has back support. I had a c section and if it didn’t have the support I’m not sure I would be able to carry her as much as I do. Also, as your kids get older it’s adjustable. It has four different settings. Inward forward facing, outward forward facing, back carry and side carry. The last two are really starting to come in handy now that she’s walking.
  2. Small Toys.  I Carry one or two small toys with me. I always make sure that they have a loop or a tag on them. Using  nuby keys or a stuffed animal or some sort are good options.
  3. Toy links. I attach the small toys to these and then attach it to the stroller or the ergo baby carrier to keep my daughter from dropping the toys on to the ground. The last thing I want while we are out for the day is for her to drop her toys in the dirt while we are at Disneyland Resort/ Walt Disney World Resort and have no way to entertain herself. I also don’t want to have to keep on buying her toys to keep her happy.
  4. Age appropriate snacks. Make sure to carry some snacks that are carb heavy and some that are protein heavy. Carbohydrates are good for an instant pick me up, while protein is good for sustained energy. For the carbs I like bananas, cereal snacks, or a kids cliff bar. For protein, hard boiled eggs, lunch meat, or greek yogurt. Make sure to stock up on these before going to the park. At Disneyland/ Walt Disney World you wont be able to find these without paying way more than you should. Stop by a Target or Grocery store before heading to the parks. I also hate the kids dining options at the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. There are only so many times your kids can eat chicken strips or mac and cheese. My daughter usually shares a plate with me and we forgo the kids menu.
  5. Kids have very sensitive skin and they probably aren’t used to spending the majority of the day outside. I really don’t want her getting a sunburn so we apply sunblock several times throughout the day. Originally with my daughter we were using the baby organics mineral sun block. It worked okay and I would recommend it if your child has sensitive skin. Otherwise I would really suggest using Sun Bum. We’ve been using this on my daughter since she was four months old. I typically stick to using the spray because it’s lighter. It’s hypoallergenic.

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