Tips For A Road Trip With A Baby

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Road Tripping With A Baby

Let me just be completely honest here for a second. I don’t think anyone looks forward to a road trip with their baby. What if they get sick? What if they yell the whole time? How many more times are you going to have to stop?????!!!!!!! Hopefully this article will make the whole thing go a little bit more smoothly for you.

The first road trip I took with Kaitlyn she was three months old. We hadn’t gone on anything that even resembled a weekend getaway since I was 17 weeks pregnant. We were itching to go somewhere and the Grand Californian happened to be running a 15% off sale. My husband didn’t even tell me he was booking it. He just casually walked into the living room and told me we were going to Disneyland in a few weeks. Who was I to argue?

Then I went into Mommy panic mode, I had no idea what to bring on a road trip with a three month old. Kaitlyn also hated her car seat with a deep seeded passion. Here’s what I learned:

1.)Try to leave early morning if you can. If you can get your kid to sleep a big chunk of the trip it makes things a lot easier. Kaitlyn was not a late sleeper so this didn’t help us at the time. I hung out with her in the back seat to help keep her calm.

2.)Make sure you have bottles at the ready. When traveling I always have three bottles ready to go. One bottle will be premixed and then I have water bottles and formula waiting in a premeasured formula dispenser. (If your breastfeeding I know some ladies who will pump in the car and put it in a bottle. If your baby won’t take a bottle plan to make a few extra stops.) I always carry a bottle cleaning kit, soap, and extra formula. You never know what’s going to happen on the road.

Entertaining A Baby On A Road Trip

3.)Have small toys at the ready. We used a Fisher price music set and teething toys.  She could shake the toys to her hearts content and even though it was kind of loud it did keep Kaitlyn entertained.

4.) I memorized Kaitlyn’s favorite book.  The last thing I wanted to do was read in the car during a road trip. A is apple growing on a tree. B is for butterflies 1,2,& 3. I read that book so often I pretty much knew it by heart anyway and Kaitlyn is always willing to have a book read to her no matter how fussy she is. You can also bring a puppet book or a picture book to give them something to look at.

Tying into this I would recommend getting a children’s tablet from amazon.   At three month’s old Kaitlyn couldn’t focus long enough for me to put on a movie. However, she could make it through a three minute long music video.  Anything from Moana or a Little mermaid really helped us. I dont normally let Kaitlyn watch a lot of TV but on a road trip I think it’s okay to make an excpetion if it will keep your kid happy on the drive.

5.) Have a play list with your kid’s favorite music on it. If Kaitlyn wanted to listen to Part Of Your World 20 times in a row that was fine with me.

6.) Yes your car is full of stuff but make sure to having a changing station ready to go.  Living in the desert there aren’t too many stops between Phoenix and Coachella so I had a changing station set up in the back.

7.) Be prepared to stop, a lot. Kaitlyn hated her infant car seat. We seriously took 10 hours to drive to Southern California because of how often we needed to stop. Bathroom breaks, feeds, just letting her get some fresh air. Most kids aren’t great at being cooped up for long periods of time. This might be a good time to pick out some stops you wouldn’t actually mind making. Is there a farm that sells fresh produce on the way?  Any outlets to go check out?

And for my final and most honest truth in this whole piece, you’re completely at the mercy of your child.  During a road trip all you can do is try to make them happy, and sometimes that’s just not possible. Things went great for us 75 % of the time but on the way home she cried for the last two hours. We hit Goodyear and she had had enough. I seriously shook her rattle for the last two hours on the way home because it was the ONLY thing that would get her to stop crying.

The second the car pulled into the drive way Adolfo told me to get out of the car and go take some Excedrin.

Do you guys have any tips and tricks for taking a road trip with a baby around 3 months old?

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