Why The Disneyland Hotel Is Our Preferred Disneyland Resort Hotel

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The Disneyland Hotel is our preferred Disneyland Resort Hotel. Around the hotel the grounds are beautifully filled with palm trees and hibiscus. The Fantasy, Adventure, and Frontier towers flank the two pool areas.  Three restaurants are available from casual to fine dining, along with a coffee house, and a bar.

General Information About the Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Hotel check in is located in Fantasy Tower. Upon entering the hotel you are met by a greeter who pairs you with the front desk. Also, while you are checking in now is the time to make any special request for your room. Such as, I would like to be on a high floor or, can I please be away from the service elevator.  Personally, I always ask for a higher floor, in a quiet area.

You really don’t want to be near the service areas. For instance, the service elevator is very loud and can cause window vibration.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many king beds to be had. Calling in advance to request it is recommended, however, the Disneyland Hotel cannot guarantee that you’ll get the room layout you want.

Frontier Tower is by far our favorite. It’s the furthest tower which means less random traffic going through its lobby. Hotel rooms here are they largest, which is a huge plus.  Sometimes you can get lucky and get a standard view room that you can see the fireworks from.

This is a “Standard View” in Frontier Tower

The three restaurants on site are

  • Goofy’s Kitchen- a character buffet where you can meet the fab five.
  • Steakhouse 55- a fine dining steak house. The mac and cheese is supposed to be amazing. They also offer breakfast.
  • Tangeroa Terrace- a quick service location. They have changed the menu recently and I love it!! The chicken rice bowl is delicious. Adolfo got the Hawaiian flatbread and then polished off the rest of my rice bowl it was so good.

Trader Sams is probably the most popular bar on Disneyland Resort property. They have lots of fun cocktails and the bartenders are great. Watch out for the exploding volcano. I like to get the souvenir tikis from here, they are adorable. Also, get the long bean appetizer it’s delicious. Chinese long beans covered in tempura batter with a spicy aioli.  It can be difficult to get a seat here on the weekends. I recommend going mid afternoon because locals like it just as much as vacationers.

First Generation Collectable tiki mug
First Generation Collectible tiki mug from Trader Sam’s

The Coffee House at the Disneyland Hotel is where we like to get our coffees in the morning.  It’s been the same people working there for years and they always have a smile on their face in the morning. Fresh fruit, yogurt, and pastries are available. The iced mocha is probably my favorite drink on Disneyland Resort property.

The pools at the Disneyland Hotel are also great. They are properly sized for the hotel so it never seems too crowded. There are two very large hot tubs that can easily seat fifteen people. The water is never too hot so you don’t have to worry about younger kids getting in. At the E ticket pool they have two water slides and you get to go through a monorail. How cool will your kids think that is?!

The best reason to stay at the Disneyland Hotel is magic morning. Every morning you get to either get into Disney California Adventure or Disneyland Park an hour early. The park that is going to have magic morning is posted in each tower lobby the night before. This in and of itself makes it worth it. If you plan accordingly you can knock out all of the E ticket rides first thing in the morning. If you have a little one who can’t do the E ticket rides you can make you way over to Fantasyland and get on Peter Pan’s Flight.

Magic morning is available when staying at any of the Disneyland Resort Hotels

  • The Grand Californian
  • The Disneyland Hotel
  • Paradise Pier

Why We Love Staying At the Disneyland Hotel

Our love affair with the Disneyland Hotel really has to do with the cast members. They are truly amazing and go out of their way to make sure you are having a wonderful vacation. Several times they have gone well above the call of duty to make sure we were happy.

One time we were hanging out in the lobby waiting for our room and the greeter asked if we had our camera with us. She made us get into the teacups and pose. It’s one of my favorite pictures with Adolfo.

Cast Member making Disney Magic
Cast Member making Disney Magic

On our very first trip we requested a King bed.  It was super loud room, and the window vibrated from the movement of the service elevator.  You could hear the exit door slamming every time a cast member was coming onto the floor. Switching to another room was a very easy transition.  The cast member helping us noticed that we were there to celebrate our anniversary and they upgraded us to a suite. It was super nice of them and we didn’t expect it.

When I was pregnant they were very late about getting our room ready. It was well after four and still we didn’t have a room, However, in the end they did  upgraded us to a larger room with a view. Again, we didn’t ask for this, they were just trying to make sure we were happy.

Finally, the Disney Magic is real.  The Disneyland Hotel  staff always goes above and beyond to make sure that you are happy in the end.

A special Note 

Please, keep in mind with the changes to security at Disneyland Resort that  leaving the room  a little bit early to get to the parks on time is well worth it.  Getting to  enjoy magic morning in its entirety can really make a difference on your day.  While we were there it seemed like they only had two security guards working early morning. Even first thing in the morning this caused a backup.

However, if you have bags ready to be checked, it makes things go a lot faster. Try to have everything tucked away neatly, this really helps you get through the security line quickly.

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