5 Break Spots At Disneyland For Babies Or Toddlers

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Eventually it’s going to happen. You’ve spent all morning rushing around trying to take advantage of the low crowds and get on as many rides as possible, and your kid/s has reached the end of their rope. They don’t want to be held anymore or worn in their carries. Don’t you dare try to offer them their bottle or any other form of nourishment because they are just going to chuck it as far away from themselves as they possibly can.  And If you even think about giving them a cuddle to make them feel better they are going to pop you, in the face, with their little kid fists. It’s time to let them have a break, away from the crowds, so they can decompress. Here are the places I like to take Kaitlyn so she can get a break.

5 Break Spots At Disneyland for Babies or Toddlers


  • Frontierland Trail. This a great place to park it on a bench and let your kids babble at the Disneyland ducks, or let them practice walking. So long as they can stay out of the main walkway.
  • The Mark Twain/ Sailing Ship Columbia. Usually there isn’t much of a line and it’s a slow moving ride. I like to let Kaitlyn practice walking while we are going around the rivers of America or showing her the waterfalls.

Mark Twain Break time


  • Pizza Port. In the back area of Pizza Port there are a set of sliding doors that will take you into a patio area near the Space Mountain exit. It’s usually deserted and there’s plenty of room for the kids to run around and even get a little loud (it’s a pretty noisy area because of the ride exit and some restrooms being close by, I wouldn’t recommend coming here for you kids to take a nap.)

Main Street USA

  • Disneyland Rail Road. The train might be enough of a distraction to help your kid relax. Hopefully the swaying of the train will get them to take a nap too and they will wake up nice and refreshed.
  • Jolly Holiday Bakery- This is where we love to take our mid-morning break. I can get a latte and a chocolate muffin for Kaitlyn. I wouldn’t recommend coming here later in the day it’s really popular for lunch and dinner.


Normally, Hungry Bear would have a spot on this list. Downstairs it has shade and restrooms. Upstairs you have a view of the train as it passes by. With Star Wars opening up soon I think  that this area is going to become very crowded. With that, it’s still a spot I like to relax.

About the Baby Center At Disneyland Park

At Disneyland park the Babycenter cannot be used for your child to rest. It is available for diaper changes, bottle washing, nursing, and high chair feedings.

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